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Being a Part of YOUR Chamber

Being a part of YOUR Chamber

Often when people ask me where I work and what I do, I get the same question, “What does the Chamber actually do?”  The Chamber of Commerce opens up several opportunities for individuals and business owners in the community.  Not only does the Chamber provide you with ways to interact with other business owners throughout your community, we provide you with ways to showcase “YOU”! 

There are several reasons why being a part of your Chamber is important.  Advertising, Networking and business opportunities are three major areas for me.  As a local business owner these three incentives are enough for me to say “Sign me Up” or “When is my renewal due?” 

Advertising: Every year the Chamber provides a membership magazine with a directory and buyers guide.  The magazine is distributed to 10,000 members, visitors, new residents and business prospects.  Advertising is also done through our website at  The Chamber’s home page includes a directory of members in categorical order, giving each member FREE worldwide exposure.  The Chamber’s website receives more than 20,000 hits per month…WOW!!  The Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce also publishes a city, county and area map that is distributed to over 5,000 individuals and businesses.  The advertising on the map is limited to ONLY Chamber members.  Other ways to advertise include ribbon cuttings, grand openings,newsletter, member sponsorships and ad promotions through our website. 

Networking Opportunities: As stated above, showcasing “YOU” is key to being a Chamber member.  We host business before and after hours that bring businesses and individuals together on a monthly basis.  During these events relationships are formed and business cards are exchanged.  Also, twice a year a new member orientation is held to welcome all of the new Chamber members.  This allows you to introduce yourself, promote your business and network extensively. 

The Chamber also has six committees that you can participate in, which is highly recommended: Membership, Education, Community Tourism, Sports Council, Economic Development and Governmental Relations. 

Business Opportunities: Being a part of YOUR Chamber offers many business perks.  Members may receive one set of labels free for direct mailing information to 1200 plus Chamber members per year.  Your chamber offers a promotional display for flyers and business cards, a calendar of events, certificates of origin for over-seas shipping, a notary public, nice meeting rooms and a bulk mailing permit stamp allowing savings based on the number of pieces.  All these perks are FREE, Yes FREE to Chamber Members!

So the question is not “What does the Chamber actually do?”, it’s “Why not be a Chamber Member?”  You SHOULD be a Chamber Member!

Because you prosper as our community prospers.  By helping to build a thriving community your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. 




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