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Blogging…Why Not?

Blogging…what is blogging?  Blogging is a powerful tool for marketing and content promotion.  It has become very popular in the business world.  By creating a blog you are creating a “face” and “name” for your products and services.  Blogging can add value to your website; it keeps people interested in what is to come, and it can be a fun way to communicate what your business has to offer.  

Using a blog for your business can be done in several ways.  One way is through promotions.  You can blog daily or weekly on different sales, events, and give-a-ways.  This is a way to get members or clients to come back.  Like promotions, contests and games are a great promotion in a blog.  What person doesn’t like games?  Blogging also allows you to showcase what is new and exciting in your business.  It is an inviting way to get customers to your website to see what’s in store.  Businesses can also use their blogs as a way to reach out for feedback on new products and services.  In a sense collect a survey on what is effective and what to omit.  Testing ideas in your blog community first is a great way to “test the waters.”  By throwing certain questions or ideas out there through a blog, the research is cost-effective and it’s a quick way to get a response. 

Blogging doesn’t always have to be just words.  Use photographs to sell your products or to promote your member of the month.  Including pictures into your blogs will make it more bright and exciting for your viewer.  Post your blog to Facebook and Twitter to get more feedback and to open up to a whole new target market.  Creating a dialogue with your customers can lead to powerful business benefits. Having a constant customer connection can help you and your business build credibility and trust. 

In the end, the key is to make sure to blog often.  The best blogs have regular updates…daily, weekly, monthly, just get to blogging!  Please let me know how it goes and I am always here for questions and answers.


Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin


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