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Re:MOVE//Training was established in 2011 by husband and wife team, Israel and Crystal Horne. They have collectively worked in the fitness industry for the past 15 years training in corporate gyms, boutique gyms and retirement communities; specializing in functional training, movement, weight-loss, nutrition and overall health improvement. When they created re:MOVE//Training, the goal was to help the average person look better, move better and feel better by incorporating the most important aspects of fitness and marrying it with cutting edge research to create a balanced, smart and efficient program.

The hour long program at re:MOVE//Training is an original design. Our 60-minute functional strength & conditioning class is broken into 3 important sections:

1. A warm-up which includes mobility, joint rolls, movement drills, active and static stretching and reactive training to prepare you for the workout.
2. A strength section which includes all the standard weight lifting such as: squats, bench press, overhead press, deadlift, pull-ups etc.
3. We finish the class with conditioning or cardio: this can include rowers, ropes, medicine balls, jump ropes, airdyne bikes or body weight work designed to get the heart rate up and burn maximum calories.

The important thing to know about re:MOVE//Training is WE LOVE PEOPLE! Our #1 goal is to help people achieve their goals and be the very best versions of themselves possible. We do this in a fun, positive, upbeat and always encouraging atmosphere.

Israel and Crystal hired the best coaches and personal trainers requiring a top of the line personal training certification, a love of fitness and an even bigger love for people. We train and work with all levels at re:MOVE from beginner to advanced athlete. We are here for you and
will love you through your personal journey.

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