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Snow White in Lebanon TN

Congratulations Snow White Drive-In

Snow White in Lebanon TN

On Sunday, July 26th, TLC cable network filmed the television series, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding here in our very own Lebanon, TN. They captured footage all around the city, but put a special focus on West Main St. and the local Snow White Drive-In.

Snow White Owner Billy Wyatt says that he received a phone call all the way from England about using the diner for the 50’s themed wedding, and he became thrilled to both receive and give with this opportunity that had presented itself. “How in the world did y’all find us in Lebanon, Tennessee?” Wyatt asked TLC. TLC answered by informing Wyatt that they had googled “50’s style diner in USA” and saw Snow White Drive-In with several positive reviews as the first search result.

This will be great exposure for Snow White and our city, as it is estimated that over 1.6 million people will view the program each time it is aired!

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