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Wilson Works with photo 2020


Wilson Works with photo 2020


How do you launch a new program during a pandemic?  Answer.  One step at a time.  And, flexibility.  Lots of flexibility. 
Wilson Works is building momentum one day at a time with a goal of improving pathways from training to jobs.  Workforce development is crucial to any community, especially if it’s in one of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee.  Despite the challenges of a pandemic, there is purpose and promise in finding a way to grow our workforce, and prepare for jobs that support families and communities.  Partnering with K12 schools, local industry, and government, Wilson Works is exploring programs and services that will elevate opportunities. 
In the coming months, Wilson Works will gradually roll out efforts to keep students, job seekers and employers engaged.  There is no better time than now to be training, retooling, and preparing for what’s next.  Wilson Works wants to ensure citizens and employers are aware of programs and partners positioned to improve skills.  For example, programs such as Tennessee Reconnect ( provide tuition so adults can earn a professional certificate or Associates degree.  Incumbent Worker grants exist to help businesses train and retain current employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement training.  Meanwhile, Wilson County Schools offers a diverse Career and Technical Education curriculum, and dual enrollment programs for students seeking to enter the workforce after graduation.  TCAT, Volunteer State, Cumberland University and MTSU continue to supply crucial workforce training that benefits students, adults, and the companies who are seeking skilled talent. 
With so many options for workforce development, it can be confusing for those seeking training, jobs, or employers trying to recruit talent.  The good news is that this community has exceptional opportunities.  With support from incredible partners, Wilson Works remains focused on a path forward for workforce development. 


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