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WBT Room

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I try every week to think of ways I can reach out to our Chamber members to inform them of why being a chamber member has great benefits.  One of the perks we get complimented on the most is our available meeting spaces that we offer to our members free of charge.  As a matter of fact, I know of some members who decided to become part of our chamber because of this wonderful benefit.  With so many of our current members working from home or having various clients throughout the county the available meeting spaces that we offer have become their place to meet potential clients and/or conduct business. 

Here at YOUR Chamber we offer four meeting rooms.  Pictured below is our largest meeting room, the Wilson Bank and Trust Room.  This room is equipped with a built-in screen and projector and seats 30-32 people.  This room is ideal for an all-day meeting or business conference.  This room is great for business lunches or dinners with convenience to the chamber’s kitchen.

 WBT Room

The second room The First Freedom Room is equipped with a television and DVD player as well as a drop down screen.  This meeting room seats 28-30 people comfortably.  The First Freedom Room is located upstairs and is a great, quiet meeting space. 

First Freedom Room

The third room is the UMC Room.  This room is great for small meetings and seats eight to ten people.

UMC Room

The Lebanon Wilson Chamber also offers a Small Business Resource Center located upstairs.  The resource center is available for use on Thursdays and Fridays.  This room is ideal for smaller meetings including four or less people.  The business resource center was established by the Chamber and Cumberland University to offer business start-up and expansion advice.  Members can seek personal advice from staff on hand or access the SBRC’s website at or visit the Chamber Biz link on this website. 


If you are interested in booking any of these meeting rooms or would like more information on the benefits of membership please contact me at the chamber office 615.444.5503.  The friendly staff here at YOUR Chamber will make sure you are provided with all the equipment and resources needed to make your meeting the best possible. 

Hope you as a member or nonmember will find this information helpful.  As always, we are here to answer any questions about YOUR Chamber. 

“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.” ~Anonymous

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