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2019 Shop Small

Why You Should Shop Small

The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is beginning their Christmas shopping for friends and family. While it is both easy and convenient to shop online and have everything shipped to your doorstep, we ask that you keep your local small businesses in mind as you plan out your gifts.

Think about these 5 benefits of shopping small on Small Business Saturday, November 30 and every day.

  1. Supporting small businesses keeps money within the community and enhances the local economy.
  2. Customer service at small businesses can be a more personal experience.  Customers may easily build relationships with owners and staff, and perhaps even feel like they’ve become part of a family.
  3. Small business owners are often members of the community that they are located in. This means they have pride in the town and are likely to support it through different functions.
  4. Small businesses create jobs that keep you close to home. Also, during holiday seasons they create additional jobs through their part-time positions.
  5. Small businesses are more likely to tailor their products to the needs and desires of the community. And if they don’t have a specific thing that you are looking for, they are likely to order it in for you.

Small businesses are vital to the success and growth of the city and county. When you support a local business, you are supporting your neighbor.



2019 Shop Small


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