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Chamber Visits Witt Sign Co.

We visited Witt Sign Co., Inc. as we continued visiting 100 businesses this year. This business has been a pillar of our community for over a century and a Chamber member for over 60 years.

The following excerpt is taken from page 48 of our 100-Year Anniversary Chamber magazine. Magazines are available at the Chamber Office for those interested in the rich history of our Chamber and community members like Witt Sign Company.

Witt Sign Company was established in 1922 and over the last century has changed ownership only once. The business, started by Russell Witt Sr., was passed down to his son, Russell Witt Jr., and in May of 2022 it was purchased by Toby and Vickie Vaughn.

“Russell Witt Sr. passed away when Russell Jr. was young. His wife, Ruth Witt, took over the business. She operated the company until Russell Jr. was old enough to take over as owner of Witt Sign Company,” Vaughn shared, noting that Mrs. Witt continued to work in the Witt office for many years. Russell Jr. worked until days before he passed away. “They were a hardworking and dedicated family.”

Vickie Vaughn currently serves as vice president of the company – which employs five, including herself and her husband. The Vaughn family has been in the sign industry for three generations. Toby worked for his father’s sign company starting at the age of 16. The Vaughns also own General Sign Services. Their son, Tucker, works for GSS. Over the years, Toby and Vickie have worked hand-in-hand with Witt Sign Company doing subcontract work.

When Mr. Witt passed away in August 2021, his daughters managed the company before the Vaughns purchased it the following year. “We wanted to maintain the name, the reputation and the history. Witt Sign Company has been in business for almost 102 years. We wanted to continue to provide quality signs and services to the area under the Witt name,” Vaughn said. “We had to keep the business rolling and not let it disappear.”

Vaughn added that it was important for people to know the history of the business and the hard work that has gone into it. The Vaughns plan for their son to eventually take over General Sign Services, while they focus on Witt Sign Company.

Witt Sign Company provides services of design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and leasing across Middle Tennessee, as well as parts of Kentucky, northern Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. For more information or to view their gallery, visit


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